Hadoop is quickly becoming the tool of choice for open source Big Data Analytics and related computing. The JobServer team saw a great opportunity to extend JobServer's awesome job processing, scheduling and reporting capabilities to make the lives of Hadoop users better.

JobServer offers, out of the box, extensive customization and extensibility through its soafaces developer API. This allows developers to quickly build simple or complex server-side Java jobs and manage them from a central location. Extending JobServer to schedule, manage, monitor and track Hadoop jobs was a natural fit for JobServer.

With the 3.4 release, JobServer comes bundled with standard components that let Java developers bundle their Hadoop jobs into the JobServer environment. This allows Hadoop users to launch and monitor all their Hadoop jobs from one location and track all their Hadoop processing activity from one place using JobServer's web based monitoring, reporting and tracking tools. JobServer runs along side your Hadoop environment and provides both developers and administrators with the ability to build, orchestrate, schedule and deploy Hadoop jobs from one central location.

You can use JobServer to build, schedule and track a single Hadoop task or to compose multiple Hadoop tasks into more complex jobs and workflows. For example, a job can be composed of multiple Hadoop tasks where one task directs its output to the input of other Hadoop tasks in the job chain. JobServer makes it easy to centrally schedule, track and monitor all your Hadoop tasks and jobs from one place for real-time monitoring as well as for historical reporting and auditing. JobServer's workflow orchestration allows users to manage and manipulate files and content between your local storage system and your Hadoop HDFS. You can also build custom web GUIs (using GWT) for your Hadoop tasks to visualize all input and output content and show real-time status as the tasks are running or to report on final status and results after a Hadoop task has finished processing.

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