Is there no Java Symposium 2012 conference (Las Vegas) ???


TSS feedback: Is there no Java Symposium 2012 conference (Las Vegas) ???

  1. I already wrote an email to the organizers some weeks ago. No answer...

    As there is no update on the website (, I assume there is no Java Symposium 2012 is Las Vegas?

    I really liked this confernce - and the location, of courseI have to think about which other conference I will visit in 2012 :-(

    Does anyone have any information? Thank you.


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  2. No response for me either[ Go to top ]

    I've been trying for about a month to get some sort of response from them.  Looks like this is a no go for 2012 unless they push it out some.

  3. There was no call for papers...thus looks like its not happening, or at least not happening in March '12.

  4. There is still no update oh this website.  I wonder if they do this year at all?

  5. They are running a roadshow kind of thing but not a Las Vegas based conference.  I think it's like mini events on Thursdays in different cities.

    I'm going to go to JAX which is in San Francisco this year in July.