Receive a http request sent by c++ client using java on server


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  1. Hi,
      We have vc++ client and it makes http connection to COM on IIS server on windowsNT. now we want our server code to be on be on Unix .so COM has to be replaced by java stuff. But there is no intention to change vc++ client.hence we need to capture http connection from vc++ client to java on server.
       Can anybody throw your ideas?
  2. There is a clear boundary and interface here.


    If you write a servlet, and talk to it using C++ then it will work just fine. I assume you are running C++ under NT, in which case that will use WININET.DLL. I have seen people use that from C++ and VB and it will work just fine for you.

    HTTP isn't reall an interface, it's a protocol, the interface in your case is CGI parameters. You should be able to write your servlets so that your C++ application shouldn't need to change at all.


  3. Assuming you want to go the J2EE route, your solution would likely be to write an HttpServlet that handles the input.

    Depending on what else you need to do at that point and what else is already on the server, running a servlet container and/or web server to accept input might be overkill, but you did ask for the HTTP/Java solution, and that's probably the basic recommendation on what you've said so far.