How Do You Know When You Are Ready for J2EE?


EJB design: How Do You Know When You Are Ready for J2EE?

  1. I have developed a Web content management system using Servlets and JSP. As we are talking about adding functionality, much of it transactional, I'm wondering if we should move to EJB and J2EE...

    If we went that route we'd probably use JBoss or Orion... Interested in comments on either app server but mostly wondering a good way to gauge if the project is complex enough to justify it...

    As an aside, CMP seems really cool but everything I've read on it seems to indicate it's not even close to ready for prime-time. Is this true? I currently use JavaBeans to encapsulate my DB data and the beans are created by joining several tables. Is this too complex for CMP Entity beans? What about 2.0 CMP?
  2. If it's not broken don't fix it :)

    You have to have reasons other than "CMP seems really cool".

    Joking aside you could start by moving your database access behind stateless session beans, and you can rest assured there's no problem with them and they are now as mature as theyc can ever be.

    This will allow you to have easier transaction management, construct distributed transaction if needed (be very careful), and so on.

    However, even this first step is not for free in terms of development costs so you have first to identify your itch before starting to scratch.
  3. I guess I should clarify. I'm not just interested in EJB and CMP because I think it's cool. I'm wondering if it will bring value to my application.

    I'm more interested in some of the technology questions I posed above.

    Any input is appreciated.

  4. My short answer is: not yet.

    If you really want something more OO you can buy a O/R tool such as TopLink which functions independently of EJB spec.

    We should wait and see what will happen with EJB 2.0 and with the first implementations (and service packs of course).