Jenkins CI and JFrog Announce Joint Artifact Repository Solution in the Cloud


News: Jenkins CI and JFrog Announce Joint Artifact Repository Solution in the Cloud

  1. Paris, April 17th, 2012: Jenkins User Conference

    Jenkins, the world’s most popular open source Continuous Integration server, and JFrog, the creator of Artifactory Binary Repository, announce the Jenkins CI Artifactory-Online repository service, a new joint collaboration around an advanced Artifact Repository solution for the Jenkins community.

    JFrog, the JavaOne 2011 Duke’s Awards winner for Innovative Tool for Developers, has set up a new dedicated Artifactory Online instance for the Jenkins project. Artifactory Online, JFrog’s SaaS solution, is a cloud-based artifact repository service that runs on Amazon EC2. It offers the full Artifactory Pro platform and commercial enterprise features for hosting and delivering releases, snapshots, plugins and other resources to the Jenkins community.

    Developers of 400+ Jenkins plugins now relie on Artifactory for their plugin development which provides a better, more advanced infrastructure for plugin deployment and distribution.

    “We have been collaborating with Kohsuke and the CloudBees team for the last few years,? said Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO of JFrog. “We supported the Jenkins project from the early days of the Hudson fork, and insisted on providing users with the freedom to choose their tool stack and avoid vendor lock-in. Artifactory in the Cloud already serves the leading OSS communities, such as SpringSource, Grails, Gradle, Scala and more. We are honored to bring the Jenkins CI community on board,? added Ben Haim.

    “Being able to host artifacts in a well-managed service like Artifactory Online has been a great help to the project,? says Kohsuke Kawaguchi, founder of Jenkins CI, formerly known as Hudson. “I’m grateful to JFrog for their generous support to the Jenkins project? continued Kawaguchi.

    Yoav Landman, JFrog CTO, said, “Using Artifactory as the Jenkins plugin distribution platform also opens the door for more advanced plugin delivery options, such as maintaining parallel Update Centers based on plugin maturity, or employing smarter Update Center metadata updates.?

    In the Jenkins User Conference in Paris on April 17, Fred Simon, JFrog’s Chief Architect, will demo Continuous Integration deployment using Jenkins, Gradle and Artifactory. He will also share thoughts, solutions, tools and visions in a final panel with other speakers.

    Both teams are excited by this cooperation and see it as a great opportunity for improving Jenkins users' experience and advancing open source technologies.

    About Jenkins CI:
    Jenkins CI, formerly known as Hudson Labs, is a community-driven site by and for the Jenkins CI community. Jenkins CI is the leading open source Continuous Integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 400 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.

    About JFrog:
    JFrog is the maker of Artifactory, the world’s first Binary Repository solution. JFrog has been leading the Binary Repository market during its four years of operation. JFrog is the only vendor that provides OSS, Commercial and Cloud-based (SaaS) repository management, with dedicated integration with the world’s leading build tools and Continuous-Integration servers.
    JFrog has established itself as a technology leader in the software build and Devops industry and aspires to keep setting the standards going forward.


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