"Lightweight" possible with EJBs and app servers ?


EJB design: "Lightweight" possible with EJBs and app servers ?

  1. Hi there to all gurus,

    I'd like to have your opinion on the feasibility of the following: we'd like to develop a series of application services as EJBs, running under an app server, which will become an ASP of sorts. So far so good. But we would also like, because that is a definite market requirement, to "package" some of these services as a down-to-earth, small footprint application that should run on a "normal" W2K server (at clients of us, i.e. outside our org) together with some other apps. This of course means that such a server is beyond our control, i.e. we should be able to do with whatever hardware the customer already has without asking him to bang another 256 MB in it, and to add a second CPU... To complicate matters, we would of course like to develop the code for the common services only once.

    Now, what are our choices ?
    1) Is there an app server on the market that will allow us to take the original, intended for reasonably high volumes, down to a normal server without that server being totally at the end of its wits ? We are talking about 6 to 10 "services", hard to say how many beans this will turn out to be, maybe twice as many
    2) or should we give it up, and develop the "Lite" version with straightforward C++ (some services exist already in that language) or straight Java ?
    3) or should we wrap the existing ("legacy"" services in EJBs for the app server side, and use the native services in the Lite version ?
    4) or use .Net instead ? (I already hear the roar ... ;-)
    5) or any other brilliant ideas ?

    Thanks for wrecking your brains ! Look forward to the result.


  2. EJB designer already keep this in the mind..
    There are many EJB app servers that fulfill different requirements..so you have plenty of choices..
  3. Yes... Can you be a bit more explicit? What I need is concrete answers....