JRebel 5.0 released - Now fighting redeploys locally and in the cloud


News: JRebel 5.0 released - Now fighting redeploys locally and in the cloud

  1. Straight from Estonia, we are happy to show you three major themes released in JRebel 5.0. Among numerous fixes and improvements, check out the following key features:

    • JRebel Remoting (free out of Beta!) - brings the JRebel that you know and love to remote and cloud servers that you use to develop your application. It can be used out-of-the-box with AWS, Rackspace and Jelastic and we are working with other PaaS providers to make sure it’s supported. Eclipse is supported in this release, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans coming soon. Learn more.
    • New Config Center - Currently only for Eclipse, this does away with rebel.xml and other manual configuration by inferring the right settings directly from your IDE. It also intelligently monitors different aspects of your environment and helps debug typical problems. Coming soon to IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans. Give it a try.
    • myJRebel - The new licensing platform that allows you to use JRebel as SaaS. In this release we support the Scala and OSS free plans, with Social coming in the next few weeks. In the longer term this will allow us to better support JRebel in the Cloud, complementing JRebel Remoting. Check it out.

    In addition to that we’ve created a new demo video for your hungry eyes using the popular open source Vaadin framework. Watch a simple splash screen change into a full-functional, web-based IDE before your eyes - all without redeploying or restarting anything: http://vimeo.com/44089615

    Enjoy JRebel 5.0, and have a productive day!

    JRebel Team, ZeroTurnaround

  2. Does it finally support changing the base class?

    It's very annoying when I'm editing code with lots of anonymous classes and a new anonymous class causes other inner classes to be renamed.

  3. Re: base class[ Go to top ]

    What do you mean by "base class" ? Teh super class or the enclosing class where the inner classes are defined?