I have gone throught the tutorial which follows J2EE development kit and followed the steps under Getting started, created the bean, deployed the bean, created the client which a stand-alone application. Everything is OK!

When I connect to localhost (client and J2EE server are on the same machine) it works. HOWEVER, it does not work when the bean is on a remote server.

1. I am quite sure that the romote server has the correct environment (tested both the client and the bean on the same remote machine and it worked)

2. I tried the following:

java -Dorg.omg.CORBA.ORBInitialHost=buzz -classpath "%CPATH%"

on the client machine, but CORBA thing was unhappy. I think it could located the bean.

3. My code looks like this:

           Context initial = new InitialContext();
           Object objref = initial.lookup("ConverterJNDI");
meaning that I have not added anything special in the lookup ....

What is it am I missing?