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    We are investigating how to hook up PowerBuilder clients to
    an EJB container (Weblogic 6.0). We are attempting to follow some outline ideas tucked away in Weblogic documentation which involve building a Java Bean client and using the OLE packager provided as part of Sun's Java plug-in.

    The bean works fine as a standalone client but when packaged and called from PowerBuilder it sets up the InitialContext successfully but the fails when attepting a lookup on the InitialContext with a:

    weblogic.utils.AssertionError: *** ASSERTION FAILED ***[Assertion Violated]

    Has anyone had experience of successfully wrapping clients as OLE objects?
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    Just documenting the solution that we have found.

    The Weblogic code expects the ContextClassLoader to be set in the client when messges are being marshalled/unmarshalled.

    It appears that when the JVM (1.3.1 on NT) is run 'as an OLE object' this ContextClassLoader may be null.

    Adding the code:

    if (Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() == null)

    solved the problem.