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    I want to test the components/Products developed on ATG dynamo 50 or above.
    we follow the following test
    GUI testing,
    Functional Testing
    Load testing
    Stress testing........

    pl can anyone tell which tools will support ATG Dynamo products/components.
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    seshusane at rediffmail dot com

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    ATG Dynamo is shipped with more stress and load testing tools than I've seen from most other application server vendors. Their documentation also contains a wealth of tuning information. Check out their URLHammer as a simple stress and load testing tool.

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    can u tell me type of your application..is it EJB & J2EE basesd or any..........??

    see Junitee in junit.com for J2EE application testing in webloigc...i don't know that will used for ATG or not.. check it..

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    There is a lot of testing tools on the market. Most of them are not platform oriented (you may use them with BEA WebLogic as well as with the ATG Dynamo)

    1. Load testing:
    - We use WebLoad (comercial) or Apache JMeter (open-source) for web-based application testing
    - Some of my friends use Rational Performance Studio

    2. Functional testing:
    - We use JUnit during development(as a unit testing platform)

    Most of the tools specified above (1) are "black-box" testing tools. There are also tools that allow you to examine distrubution of the load between components, database etc.
    We don't use them :-). They are always somehow limited. Instead we use logging tool (log4j) and WebLoad or JMeter.


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    Another good Load testing tool that you could check that supposedly supports all major application servers is LoadRunner.

    Hope this helps,