In the Java Versions section of our original report, we saw that 23% of respondents were using or experimenting with Java 7 on at least some projects. The vast majority of devs out there are using Java 6, but still 1/3 of respondents are still using Java 5.

We asked our friend Martijn Verburg (aka The Diabolical Developer)–who was recently selected along with other leaders of the London Java Community (LJC) to the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process (JCP EC)–what he thought drove developers to upgrade from Java 6 to Java 7:

Mainly developer productivity, safety and out and out performance improvements in the JIT and GC sub systems. So you look at things like  the Fork and Join framework and diamond operator (developer productivity), try-with-resources (safety) an out of the box ~10% speed boost (default JIT and GC improvements) and the ability to go polyglot without terrible performance due to the new invokedymanic byte code (massive developer productivity boost).


We’ve safely been using 7 for a long time (as have many of our peers in the industry) so we’re really keen to see everyone else adopt it.

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