Do Devs Care More About DevOps Than Ops?


News: Do Devs Care More About DevOps Than Ops?

  1. Do Devs Care More About DevOps Than Ops? (1 messages)

    Seriously, another survey? Yep! Check out the early findings from our IT Ops and DevOps survey. Your help is needed to make a difference. But you know that. ;) It looks like Developers care more about how Operations processes and tools are used. This tells us that we haven’t been able to get to many Operations professionals.

    So be awesome and please help improve the IT Ops profession by sharing your experience in a survey - it takes about 10 min. The results are yours, and can help you understand where peers in your community stand.

    Here are some interesting preliminary findings:

    1. Devs care more about Ops than Ops? Around 60% of the responses came from developers or software architects. Do Devs care more about Ops than IT Ops? ;)
    2. These production failures can be prevented folks! The top reasons for production failures are “software quality? and “human error.? Do we need better release processes?
    3. Too much time needed to recover from failures. Around 55% of failures take more than 30 min to resolve; close to 30% takes more than 60 min! This is hugely disruptive.
    Read on to see charts and more findings.

    We’d love to get 250 more responses for our survey to really rock. Take part in the study and help the Ops and DevOps community!

  2. It's likely that Devs will always have lopsided representation in this realm, until Ops can organize themselves into some semblance of a UG somewhere. Any ideas on this? Where are the Ops people?