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       We are making an application using Weblogic Server 6.0. We need to integrate this Enterprise Application (EJBs, servlets etc.) to back-end legacy systems. As of now I don't know what the legacy systems would be ( Seibel is going to be used for CRM). What is the best way to integrate with back-end legacy systems regardless of whether it is an ERP, mainframe, seibel or any other legacy system. I have been reading on this & found out a few possible ways. I think we can use Tuxedo or Java Adapter for mainframes or CORBA based integration. What would be the best way to integrate to the legacy system ?

  2. Vikram

    Did you try VITRIA?(


  3. You might want to take a look at WebLogic's Java Connector Architecture implementation. It's beta for WLS 6.0, but GA for WLS 6.1. You can get more information at the site.

  4. This can be achieved using WebLogic Integration 2.0. The public download is available on June 29th. The application integration framework is based on the J2EE Connector Architecture. Some prebuilt J2EE adaptors will also be available on June 29th from BEA web site.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Hi there
    u can give thought also to
    i am using here with weblogic6.0
    u can have the webmethods Enterprise for application to application integration.