OpenXava 4.7 released: Rapid Development for Enterprise Java


News: OpenXava 4.7 released: Rapid Development for Enterprise Java

  1. OpenXava is a framework for Rapid Java Web Development, well-suited for business and database oriented applications.
    OpenXava allows you to develop applications just by writing simple domain classes with Java or Groovy.
    The user interface is generated automatically in runtime, without code generation.

    OpenXava 4.7 has some new interesting features such as:

    • 'My reports' actions stores all the generated reports, so the user can get them by name later.
    • WebSphere Portal 8 support including visual style integration.
    • WebSphere 8 support.
    • Liferay 6.1 support.
    • 30% performance improvement in automated module tests.

    See the full announcement

    What do you think about automatic UI generation?

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  2. good framework[ Go to top ]

    I started exploring openxava just few weeks ago when it was still 4.6.1 release. Now i have upgraded my projects to 4.7. This frameworo really saves lots of time to develop MVC web app and portlet. The features that i really like are inbuilt binding with JPA Hibernate, Actions controller, and extensibility of the framework. To be frank, this framework is still lacking of documentation, which can hinder developers from using it.