Rebel Labs release: IT Ops & DevOps Productivity Report 2013


News: Rebel Labs release: IT Ops & DevOps Productivity Report 2013

  1. “Devops is intersection of lover of cloud and hater of wake up at 3 in morning.� @DEVOP_BORAT Yep, we’re talking about DevOps. We made a report on why it’s better. And yes, it IS better than what we’ve termed “traditional IT Ops�. We have statistics on that, and we’ll argue it all day. DevOps better because it carries forward the same, proven methodologies that brought agile into the limelight for software development. So why do we need to apply those concepts to operations? You’ll find these points and much more in Rebel Labs IT Ops & DevOps Productivity Report 2013 ( *Traditionally siloed team structures don’t scale *Developers and Operations have opposing philosophies *Technology continues to evolve and the same old processes cannot handle newer paradigms We have about 35 pages for you in the full report, but also wanted to let as many people see the real meat of the results as quickly as possible. So you can get the full report from Rebel Labs, or keep reading to see lots of shiny graphs and serious numbers. Get a huge sneak peak here: Edited by: Cameron McKenzie on Apr 10, 2013 9:48 AM

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