The Mashups4JSF team is pleased to announce the release of Mashups4JSF 1.0.0 which has the following features: 1. Creating RSS Mashup feed sources in JSF applications. 2. Creating ATOM Mashup feed sources in JSF applications. 3. Consuming RSS, ATOM and JSON feeds inside JSF application using rssFeedReader, atomFeedReader, and jsonFeedReader components. 4. Creating rich Google Maps with all of map details (Markers, Notes, Graphics, ...etc) declaratively using GMaps4JSF. 5. Getting yahoo weather information using yahooWeather component. 6. Performing public search in YouTube Videos using youTubeVideoList component. 7. Performing public search in Google using googleSearchList component. 8. Performing public search in Twitter using twitterSearchList component. 9. Performing public search in Digg using diggSearchList component. 10. Pretty Integration with Google Location Services. Project Home: Release binary can be downloaded from: Demo is available here: