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    I'm trying to integrate existing Delphi 6 application that exposes its functionality as Web Services (WSDL)
    with EJB code.
    How to do this? Has anybody tried such a thing?

  2. You should check out the "Developer's Guide to Building
    XML-based Web Services with the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)" white paper located on the Resources Section of the site at

    I think the white paper shows you how to call a webservice from EJB.
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    You basically need to use any one of the many client API's out there (like GLUE or Apache SOAP) to make the call. One issue, is getting the outgoing socket from your container.

    Your container will need to support having socket factories in JNDI, so you will look up a URLConnection from JNDi and then pass it to your SOAP impementation to use.