Ten JSP technology books compared


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    With over 30 JSP books on the market today, it's hard to pick just one book for everyone. It depends on your specific needs and how much money you want to spend. Author and Guru John Zukowski performs an indepth analysis of 10 JSP books that recently hit the market.

    Ten JSP technology books compared.

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  2. It seems to me that John Zukowski is trying to promote the book from O'Reilly. Why?

    Because the two best rated JSP books by readers (check amazon.com):

    Web Development with JSP (from Manning Publishing)
    Core Java Servlets and JSP (by Marty Hall)

    are not reviewed, though the later is mentioned in the review of 'Special Edition Using Java Server Pages and Servlets'.

  3. Well, I go with the belief that "you can't go wrong with O'Reilly". I have read books of various topics, from ejb, jms, servlets, jdbc, to html/jsp from various publishers (Wrox, O'Reilly, Bible series, etc...), and O'Reilly tends to produce top notch books!

  4. Except the camel book of course. Which was an absolute dog to navigate through. Written by a non computer scientist and expected to be read by university trained programmers, thats crazy.

  5. I haven't read the camel book before but what does the fact that the book was written by a "non computer scientist" have to do with its readability? I really hope you're being sarcastic (but unfortuanately I doubt you are).

    Yes, I know this is off-topic but I take issue with that remark.

    Just because someone wasn't "university trained" in computer science makes them no less qualified to write a book on programming. Maybe the way he discusses the book wasn't to your liking but your statement totally ruins any argument you might try to make. You sound elitist at best.

  6. Don't over-react :-)

    I purely meant that after being indoctrinated with Comp Sci books which all maintain a pretty similiar layout, thats what you tend to expect. When something isn't like that it rocks your comfy little world.

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  8. Having purchased both the O'Reilly JSP and Manning JSP
    books, I must personally express my preference for the
    Manning JSP book. While I as a matter of course highly
    regard and purchase *any* new O'Reilly book I set my
    eyes on, I must say that the Manning JSP has been the most
    enlightening and helpful.

    My own personal thoughts. Your mileage may vary...



  9. If you really want to get deep into JSP, like how custom tags are implemented by the container and why everything is designed the way it is designed, then you must go with the Manning JSP book. Of all the JSP books out there, it is the most useful book for JSP.
  10. I Agree that the Web Development book (Manning) is a great book, but I also accept that the oreilly book (java server pages) is very well structured and contains updated information.
    I Wish all the themes had such good books to choose from.
  11. I have Hans Bergsten's jsp book from O'reilly. Aside from 2 or 3 specific places where he titally lost me, the book is easy to understand and has great documentation for things like understanding the web.xml file in applications etc. He also takes the time to respond to e-mails and is very knowledgable and nice. Not too bad considering the F YOUs, and smart ass no help responses I get from the majority of authors(cough... cough... servlets..). Most dont even respond at all.
  12. David Geary has recently written a book called "Advanced JSP". It's the only book on JSP I've seen that tackles issues of real note.

    All the others I've looked at, including core jsp and the oreilly book, seemed relatively tame introductions to jsp.