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    I'am working with JSP to generate dynamically ComboBoxes say 1 to 10.Now i use JavaScript to validate these ComboBoxes.I java it is referenced as combobox[i] and in javascript it is referenced as combobox.i and hence i get Object not found error....

    Please help me
    Srinivasulu Thalla

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    hello Srinivas,

    There is an element array which is part of the forms objects in Javascript. The elements array contains the list of all the elements in the form. For each element you can check the type attribute and check whether it is a combobox. Thus you wouldnt have to refer to the combobox by name ( since the name is dynamically generated ) instead you navigate through the elements array. This is one way to solve the problem.


  3. Respected sir,

      ihave three comobox for entering date one for entering date,one for month and lastly for year.

      How can I concate them and store in a database(in SQL)?