I have been comparing Orion 1.5.2 app server to JRun 3.1. My laptop system is as follows:

    Windows 2000 Professional
    Sun JDK 1.3
    128 MB RAM

I have been writing a variety of JSP files, testing each app server and what I have noticed is that Orion is always an order of 2 times slower (and sometimes more) than JRun when processing these JSP files.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced something like this? Is it possibly a configuration tweak, etc., that is needed for Orion?

Both app servers I am running "out of the box" -- ie, I have not modified any of the default configuration or descriptor files.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Note: for bandwidth purposes, I posted a similar msg under REVIEWs for each app server -- sorry if you keep seeing this!