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    I have been comparing Orion 1.5.2 app server to JRun 3.1. My laptop system is as follows:

        Windows 2000 Professional
        Sun JDK 1.3
        128 MB RAM

    I have been writing a variety of JSP files, testing each app server and what I have noticed is that Orion is always an order of 2 times slower (and sometimes more) than JRun when processing these JSP files.

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced something like this? Is it possibly a configuration tweak, etc., that is needed for Orion? Are the JSP engines that far apart on performance.

    NOTE: once the JSP is compiled and cached, there is no difference between the 2 app servers.

    Both app servers I am running "out of the box" -- ie, I have not modified any of the default configuration or descriptor files. I have also verified the same results on a similiarly configured desktop system.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. I also noticed with orion (check sometimes it will be slow to get the page.
    Try resin from ( it's good servlet and JSP engine and it's used by