The QuartzDesk team is excited to announce the 1.7.4 release of QuartzDesk.

This maintenance release brings support for secure JMX Quartz scheduler connections that can be established using SSL or SASL protocols. This release also contains multiple bugfixes and various product improvements. For further details, please refer to the release notes.

By the end of March 2015, all DZone users are eligible to receive 25% discount on all new QuartzDesk license purchases. To receive this special discount, please enter 'MAR1525' discount coupon code when placing your order in our online eshop.

QuartzDesk is an advanced Java Quartz scheduler management and monitoring GUI with many powerful and unique features:

• Support for Quartz 1.x and 2.x schedulers.
• Support for JMX-RMI, JMXMP and REMOTING-JMX (JBoss) protocols.
• Persistent job execution history.
• Inteligent full-text search filters.
• Job execution log messages interception (supported for jul, log4j, log4j2, logback).
• JavaScript rule-based notifications rules (email, all popular IM protocols, web-service).
• Interactive execution statistics and charts.
• REST API for job / trigger / scheduler monitoring.
• QuartzAnywhere web-service to manage / monitor Quartz schedulers from external apps.
• and more.

The product is aimed at all Java Developers using Quartz scheduler in their applications, Testers, as well as System Administrators / Operations personnel looking after these applications.

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The QuartzDesk Team