We are excited to announce the release of QuartzDesk 2.2.0.


This release brings the following new features:

* Automatic discovery of all available job implementation classes on the Quartz scheduler's class path. When adding or editing a job, you no longer have to enter the fully qualified job implementation class name and you can conveniently select the desired class in a combo box.

* Support for intercepting of log messages produced by worker threads spawned from job execution threads.

* Custom (external) links now have the L&F of other navigation links. These links can optionally open inside tabs in the GUI thus allowing for tight integration of custom views and extensions.
For further details, please refer to the release notes.

To find out more about all QuartzDesk features, please refer to the Features page.

If you want to see QuartzDesk in action, you can check our online demo.

Happy Christmas from the QuartzDesk Team!