Difference Between Bea Weblogic Server and Bea Tuxedo


General J2EE: Difference Between Bea Weblogic Server and Bea Tuxedo

  1. Hi
    Can anyone tell me the difference between Weblogic server and Tuxedo.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Too many to mention, but basically Tuxedo has a BEA specific API for Message Oriented Middleware, WebLogic Server supports the J2EE APIs. Therefore, program to Tuxedo and you are stuck with BEA, use WebLogic Server and you are not.

  3. Tuxedo is supporting C/C++ or Cobol implementations, WLS only supports Java.
    Tuxedo supports its own middleware protocol and also Corba (from Tux 8.0), WLS supports J2EE (EJB, servlets, JSP, JMS,...)

    Tuxedo is a middleware (ORB+TP Monitor+MOM). WLS is an application server(including Java middleware EJB,JMS) that allows you also to generate Web pages using servlets/JSP. WLS is also supporting SOAP, WSDL from version 6.1. Tuxedo is not really designed to generate Web pages, it is a J2EE application server.

    Tuxedo is a system used by big companies that have to handle millions of transactions a day. Highly reliable.

    Best regards.