What’s new in this release?

We are pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Cells for Java 8.7.2. This month’s release includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes that further improve the overall stability and usability of the API. Aspose.Cells APIs have powerful calculation engine that can calculate almost all of the Microsoft Excel functions with precision. However, sometimes the application requirement demands to override any Excel formula in order to get desired results, such as return 3 for function =SUM(1,1), which isn’t possible with default Aspose.Cells calculation engine. The recent revision of Aspose.Cells for Java allows to extend the default calculation engine to get desired results. It has exposed two new classes for this purpose. By implementing custom calculation engine, users can override all Excel’s native functions with more flexibility. Below provided is the simplest usage scenario to define a custom calculation engine that extends AbstractCalculationEngine in order to override the Excel’s default SUM function. Custom XML parts are the XML based data files stored by different applications like SharePoint inside the spreadsheet files. This data is consumed by different applications, however, Microsoft Excel application does not make use of this data so there is no GUI to add such data in the spreadsheets. One can view this data by extracting the contents of the spreadsheet (XLSX) using applications such as WinRar, and inspect the contents of the customXml folder. It has exposed the overloaded indexer for the TextBoxCollection class in order to access the instance of TextBox using its name as demonstrated on the blog announcement page. This releases also enhanced the HTML parsing as well as rendering to improve the fidelity and PDF rendering engine for chart objects.  This release includes several enhanced features and bug fixes as listed below

  • HYPERLINK formula/function - Extend the Worksheet's Hyperlink collection to get the object
  • 'Start' property of an ordered list is not working properly
  • Aspose Cells API not able to convert each content of HTML file to Excel file
  • Layout is different while saving spreadsheet to HTML
  • Hyperlink pointing to a defined names results in broken link when spreadsheet is converted to HTML
  • Wrong calculation on what-if analysis
  • Russian month name renders differently in PDF as compared to Excel
  • Cell with currency format in BMD is detected as DateTime
  • Locale dependent date format changes to fixed custom format while converting SpreadsheetML to XLSX
  • Issue with the output XLSB file - XLS to XLSB Conversion
  • Setting image in Header (to create watermark) resets Format Picture Settings
  • Excel conversion to PDF is taking forever
  • Axis Label overlap when converting spreadsheet to PDF
  • Data Labels are overlapping with the Pie Chart while rendering to PDF
  • Upper case horizontal/vertical Axis title text appears in sentence case in Chart's PDF format
  • Chart alignment problem while rendering Worksheet to image
  • Vertical rule missing in Chart's PDF format
  • Thickness of horizontal rules is more than thickness in actual chart while rendering to PDF
  • SmartArt does not get copied while copying Workbook
  • Vertical alignment of the chart's legend has changed while converting ODS to XLSX
  • Chart is missing while converting ODS to XLSX
  • Cell format problem - display value is not correct in GridWeb (JAVA)
  • java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded, while saving spreadsheet to PDF
  • com.aspose.cells.Name cannot be casted to java.lang.Integer while copying Worksheets

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release

Overview: Aspose.Cells for Java

Aspose.Cells is a Java component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel. Other features include creating spreadsheets, opening encrypted excel files, macros, VBA, unicode, formula settings, pivot tables, importing data from JDBC ResultSet and support of CSV, SpreadsheetML, PDF, ODS and all file formats from Excel 97 to Excel 2007. It is compatible with Windows, Linux & Unix and supports all advanced features of data management, formatting, worksheet, charting and graphics.

 -  Homepage of Aspose.Cells for Java: http://www.aspose.com/java/excel-component.aspx 

 -  Download Aspose.Cells for Java: http://www.aspose.com/community/files/72/java-components/aspose.cells-for-java/default.aspx