Hello All, 

I would like to announce the release of QuartzDesk 2.6.1the ultimate Java Quartz scheduler management and monitoring platform

This release comes with the following new features: 

• CSV export of execution history data in all Execution History grids. 

• Exposed new JavaScript scripting objects to access execution history and statistics data in job chain and notification rule conditions. 

• Support for JBoss EAP 7.0.x. 

• Support for Quartz 2.2.3. 

• Auto-exporting of Quartz scheduler MBeans. Now there is no need for you to modify quartz.properties in your application anymore. 

To find out more about all QuartzDesk features, please refer to the product Features page. 

If you want to see QuartzDesk in action, you can request access to the product online demo. 

Note: Shortly after 2.6.1 we released 2.6.2 with two minor bug fixes so be sure to get 2.6.2 which is currently the latest available release.