What's New in this Release?

The long awaited version of Aspose.Slides for Java 16.8.0 has been released. This is primarily a maintenance release where Aspose team has added some new features as well in product. It has introduced the support for generating the responsive HTML in this release. Please find more details about the supported feature in Converting Presentation to Responsive HTML. The support for managing embedded fonts has also been included in this release. The more details about this is available over documentation link, Managing Embedded Fonts. The support for getting TextFrame position has also been provided that can be achieved using createTextFrameFormatEffective(). It has resolved certain presentation access and saving issues that earlier resulted in exceptions including OutofMemoryError, ArgumentException, UnSupportedFormatException and NullReferenceException in previous releases.The slide cloning and SVG export has also been improved as well. It has improved the presentation rendering support as well in this release. This includes rectification of rendering issues with charts and their elements, tables and SmartArt shapes. The support for generating of slide images, PDF and Tiff has also been improved in this release for different shape elements inside presentation decks. Some important enhancement & bug fixes included in this release are given below

  • Support for colorizing added images in Aspsoe.Slides
  • Getting position of Text inside slide shape TextFrame
  • Possibility to obtain effective TextFrame Margin values
  • Support for fixed HTML export in Aspose.Slides
  • Implementation of ClassIdentifier Property
  • Support removing embedded fonts in the PowerPoint
  • Implementation of OpenDocument presentation template
  • Export to Responsive HTML format
  • Support for removing embedded fonts from presentation
  • Possibility to obtain effective TextFrameFormat value
  • Support for fixed HTML export in Aspose.Slides
  • Wrong text position
  • Character misplaced after converting to SVG
  • Image is not rendered correctly in exported PDF
  • Wrong bullet number rendered for exported PDF
  • Text color changes after converting PPTX to PDF
  • Exception on adding connector
  • Losing sound on cloning
  • Image missing while converting PPT to SVG
  • Missing Text and error after converting to SVG
  • Underline Color Improperly read
  • Bullets are not appeared correctly after converting to svg
  • Exception on saving PPTX
  • Presentation not saving
  • Exception on loading PPT
  • Slide to SVG conversion: slides colors are changed after saving ppt
  • Invalid jpeg marker error when converting to HTML
  • Borders around equations and charts appearing on saving presentation
  • Value cannot be null on saving PPT presentation
  • Image relationship getting changed in saved presentation
  • Xml changed on load and save
  • Element already exists exception on loading presentation
  • PPT to pdf slow conversion
  • Extract text from Handout Master page using Aspose.Slides fails
  • Extract text from Notes Master page using Slides fails
  • PDF notes are not rendering for for ppt file
  • Data sheet cannot be edited after slide cloning
  • Presentation loading time is too much.
  • Significant performance and memory overhead after upgrade from earlier version 8.6 0
  • Several bugs in Aspose.Slides 6.9 1

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release

Overview: Aspose.Slides for Java

Aspose.Slides is a Java component to create, read, write and modify a PowerPoint document without using Microsoft PowerPoint. It supports PHP applications and provides all advanced features for managing presentations, slides, shapes, tables and supports PPT, POT, POS PowerPoint formats. Now developers can add, access, copy, clone, edit and delete slides in their presentations. It also supports audio & video frames, adding pictures, text frames and saving presentations as streams or SVG format.

More about Aspose.Slides for Java

- Homepage of Aspose.Slides for Java: http://www.aspose.com/products/slides/java

- Download Aspose.Slides for Java: http://www.aspose.com/downloads/slides/java