Background Information:
I'm working on a J2EE project, using Netscape Application Server 4.0 SP2. Two NAS servers has been configured to be in a same cluster, with one as Sync Primary and another as Sync Backup.

For stateful session bean, the remote interface object is stored in the session, so that the same EJB will be retrieved for calls within a same session.

The Scenario:
when the Sync Primary down, the Sync Backup will be promoted to Sync Primary. The servlet session information will also be retained and accessible to the clients.

However, when the primary down and sync Backup promoted, the stateful session bean is not accessible, and exception is thrown. Does this mean that the EJB container (or the EJB itself is not replicated)? If this is the case, then the failover mechanism in NAS is not available for EJB? or is this a norm since session bean does not survive server crashes?

Philip Tan