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    I am going to develop a enterprise application using MVC architecture.I am a bit confuse regarding which application server should i go for.
    which is the best application server (Websphere 3.5 or Weblogic 5.01) and why?
    Pls. give me some advantages of the best application server.

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    This is too general a question for you to get much useful in the way of answers.

    You need to think about the following subjects (and many more) before you can get a suitable answer:

    How much money does your company have?
    What is the functionality of the system?
    What is the expected usage profile (# of users, # of transactions/hour, Internet/local access etc.)?
    What are the constraints of existing systems (e.g. which database)?

    Both Weblogic (now normally 6.1 rather than 5.1) and Websphere are expensive. Both could claim to be better in particular circumstances. Neither might be right for you.