Visual Age for Java 4.0 Entry editions available for download


News: Visual Age for Java 4.0 Entry editions available for download

  1. The Entry Enterprise editions and Entry Professional editions of Visual Age 4.0 are now available for free download from IBM. Another tool that I am surprised to hear many Visual Age users raving about is IntelliJ IDEA. Although the IDE is file-based, it includes excellent of refactoring and code searching features that make it comparable to VAJ.

    Download VAJ entry editions.

    Check out IntelliJ IDEA.

  2. I think IDEA 2.01 is a great development tool. I started using it with this release and switched from JBuilder 4/5. I felt it was a better code development tool. I could find add-ons to JBuilder that helped get it close to IDEA's capabilities but it was never as slick or complete as IDEA. IDEA's code editor works great and when I'm working with JSPs it's really cool because it has code completion within the code blocks of JSPs. I haven't used the refactoring much but it has a built-in cross referencing tool via the "Find Usages" function that works well (once I figured out that you have to add your source directories to both the source AND project paths).

    I never really liked VisualAge because it meant everyone in my group had to use it. It was a cool product but unless I had total buy-in for it, it was effectively useless on my team. As an example, at the company I work for now there are no less than 3 editors used within the development group and none of the developers really want to change editors at this stage. VisualAge may have alleviated since that experience because I haven't used it in a while but I haven't heard anything to contradict that belief.

    I'll probably download VAJ 4 to give it a try, though. I always like to keep my options open.
  3. Visual Age 4.0 is not too different than 3.5. It has a few hooks for WebSphere 4.0. IBM is clearly moving away from VAJ and goign with Eclipse. I have been using the new WebSphere Studio Application Developer(or Workbench) and it is outstanding.
  4. never a great fan of VAJ. WebSphere Studio Application Developer is really a killer IDE. still in beta and it looks great. hope ibm adds more cool stuff n features in its final release.
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  6. i want to download Visual Age for Java 4.0 Entry editions
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    IDEA is in fact a good alternative for people who have come to appreciate the live parsing and code analysis features of VA - and it goes way beyond VA in many respects. However, since we're at it we shold not fail to mention another one: CodeGuide from OmniCore was there before IDEA, and invented many of the features like automatic import suggestion, etc.
    Its really amazing at what speed these IDEs keep up with your typing, analyzing the code and immediately flagging errors and suggesting corrections. CodeGuide seems to be the besta at this IMO.
    My main complaint is that they have not been able to get away from the age-old file paradigm. Ever since my Smalltalk days I have been looking for an IDE that truly understands classes and objects - to no avail.
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