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    I've got ejb class files and I've got other classes(SERVER_CLASSES). The trick is I've defined some of the other classes in the same packages as my ejbs because they are related and I'd like to take advantage of package visability. Here's the problem: If I include the supporting class in my ejbs, I must also include them in my weblogic classpath for servlets to use. BUT, if they are on the weblogic classpath, then I get IllegalAccessAcceptions because enen though the classes and ejbs are defined in the same package, they are loaded by separate class loaders. I could put all the classes on the weblogic.class.path, however, this prevents me from hot deploying ejbs . . . has anyone have a suggested configuration that may help?
  2. No problem you can put the all the classpaths' along with weblogic classpath and just you have to take care to set exact .jar file which is in the lib directory and save it in autoexec.bat or set the path in Environment.
  3. I'm not sure what your trying to say . . .put the ejb.jar file on the classpath or weblogic classpath . . .I've found that if the ejb's are on the weblogic classpath they will not deploy . . plus I'm developing a very large application . . .I'll have many, many jar files.

  4. I have a problem here .Hope someone will be able to solve it .

    I am using weblogic 5.1.I have server classes which are general to all ejbs . I have ejb files ( Remote,Home,Bean) alone in jar files .I want to enable hot deploy .I dont want to club them together.

    If i include the weblogicHome/classes in classpath I will not be able to do hot deploy.

    So i have weblogic/classes/boot in classpath and weblogic/classes path in weblogic.cass.path .If I do that my sever startup gives me problem for all files in weblogic/classes .I dont know why this is so .

    satic deploy works perfectly

    my command in script is

    set CLASSPATH=c:/jdk1.2.2/lib/classes.zip;%WEBLOGICHOME%\classes\boot;

    set WEBLOGIC_CLASSES=%WEBLOGICHOME%\classes;%WEBLOGICHOME%\license;%WEBLOGICHOME%\lib\weblogicaux.jar

    java -ms64m -mx64m -classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dweblogic.class.path=%WEBLOGIC_CLASSES%;%USER_CLASSES% -Dweblogic.home=%WEBLOGICHOME% -Dsystem.home=%PROPERTIES% -Djava.security.manager -Djava.security.policy==%WEBLOGICHOME%\%SERVER_NAME%\weblogic.policy -Dweblogic.system.home=%PROPERTIES% -Dweblogic.system.name=%SERVER_NAME% weblogic.Server

    Please let me know if u have any idea about it . Thanks