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      I have some problem with J2EE. I installed the J2EE in widows 2000 machine. After that when I am running j2ee -verbose, it is asking me, that I need to set the environemnt variables.

     I set like this
        set J2EE_HOME=D:\j2sdkee1.3 No error
        set J2EE_HOME=D:\j2sdkee1.3\bin It is giving error. Saying that SetJAVA_HOME to the path of a valid jdk. I couldn't understand the problem. Can u please explain me what I need to do. And what else i need to set inorder to work under J2EE.

      I appreciate the reply.


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  2. In your example you set the J2EE_HOME twice, and didn't set the JAVA_HOME.
    Anyway, you should set the JAVA_HOME to your JDK directory, e.g:
    set JAVA_HOME=D:\jdk1.3.0_02

    Did you do this?
  3. Set JAVA_HOME to jdk directory, for example JAVA_HOME=C:/jdk1.3 and set J2EE_HOME to the folder where you installed J2EE for example J2EE_HOME=D:/j2ee. No need to add bin folder to the above varibales.