New version of Orion J2EE Server available


News: New version of Orion J2EE Server available

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    Version 1.2.9 of Orion server released. This new version includes preview support of the Servlet 2.3 API and EJB 2.0 features including Message Driven Beans, EJB 2.0 OR-mapping, and 2.0 style entity beans. Orion was the first commercially available full implementation of the J2EE specification.

    Orion has got outstanding J2EE compliance. Performance with Orion has always been really good and they say that it is improved in this release. It's FREE for development and really not expensive for deplyment.

    Give it a try !!
  2. This looks pretty exciting, except for the near-total lack of documentation. I've downloaded Orion and got it up and running in just a few minutes, but I'm at a loss as to how to convert my existing WebLogic EJBs and web applications into forms compatible with Orion.

    It appears as if they have some form of GUI for EJB creation and deployment, but no docs at all. You have to guess at the name of the jar file to use.

    The documentation for the Orion-specific DTDs is sketchy, not showing the correct <!DOCTYPE> attributes (do they use a validating parser?) and no showing which elements are required or repeatable. Certain attributes appear to be machine generated, implying a seperate tool (docs, anyone?)

    I'd much rather they spent time on documentation than GUI tools. GUI tools generally aren't useful to experienced developers, since GUI tools can't be accessed by make (or ant, or whatever the non-interactive build process is).

  3. It's not clear from your criticism if you looked at

  4. I agree that the documentation for Orion could be imporved and that a 'Developer's Guide' would be welcomed.

    Though, there is the documentataion you can download including some tutorials, there is a FAQ on there is also where you can find some informations.

    Also, since Orion is strongly J2EE compliant, a lot of the documentation concerning J2EE that you can find on Sun's web site applies to Orion.

    Good luck