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    Can anybody tell me how to connect Visual Cafe 4.0 with Weblogic 5.1
       Do I need to set some properties , if yes then where?

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    Step1. Goto Project Menu
    Step2. Select Options
    Step3. Select EJB Tab
    Step4. Select Weblogic Server 5.1 in Combo box
    Step5. Click on Manage Deployment Target
    Step6. Check All parameter
            a. Weblogic Server 5.1 Home Directory
            b. HostIP
            c. Port
            d. Administrator Password

    Step7. Click OK
    Step8 .Select start EJB Server from Project Menu

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    Is it necesarry to restart WLS 5.1
    when delivering EJB to it.
    How to use hotDeply with Visual Cafe 4
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    In the Project Menu there is an option that says Deliver Enterprise Bean to the EJB Server. If you have given all the information about your EJB Server in the Project--> Option-->EJB-->Manage Deployment Target, it will deploy your bean at the server.