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    I have started to review the various EJB bean types and have a question. I always see database references when dealing with entity beans. Right now, we have user profile data that is stored in LDAP that I think we would like to use entity beans for. Can this be done? I know the J2EE has LDAP support through JNDI but was wondering if that is something we will have to manage or if an entity bean could help.

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    Entity beans in general provide OO view of some data store. LDAP is as good as any. The question is, what are the advantages entity beans can give you. I'm not sure, but I don't think you can access the LDAP data transactionally (correct me if I'm wrong please). You probably won't find a server with a CMP impl that supports LDAP either.
    If the two assumptions above are correct, I don't see any major reason to go with entity beans. You would write pretty much the same code (well, except security and ease of configuration maybe) with normal objects - and don't have the relatively big overhead of remote calls (EJB1.1) and container layers.

    Just my 2 cents