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    I am not very clear whether to go for Entity bean or for session bean. Let say I have a table called COUNTRY with two fields CODE and NAME. User can add new country and modify existing one. Now, to access this do I need to create an entity bean or session bean.

    I will be very thankful if anyone can provide the guideline to select entity beans and session beans in a project.

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    The idea would be to use an entity bean since they are meant to represent your business data.
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    Of Course U shud go 4 Entity Beans ,as they represent
    buisiness data.
    But does UR application makes frequent calls 2 the database
    (i.e) updating & adding a new one in UR case.
    Then use Session Beans which in turn wud call the Enitity Bean.
    As always the best design wud B 2 wrap entity beans in a Session BEans.(in case of large applications where frequent where more business logic is involved N where frequent calls 2 Database takes place).