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News The first release of SmartGWT - GWT APIs for SmartClient 36 November 27, 2008 Last post by: Marc Englund
News Differences between Struts and JSF? 83 October 26, 2007 Last post by: Paul Web
News Article: The Pragmatic Code Generator Programmer 31 September 07, 2006 Last post by: Rafal Rusin
News Ted Neward explains ORM as "The Viet Nam of Computer Science" 153 June 27, 2006 Last post by: Steve Zara
News ORM and the misleading DAO pattern 66 May 23, 2006 Last post by: samie samson
News Groovy and BSH to kill XML :) 28 May 14, 2004 Last post by: Greg Hance
News Simplifying Domain Model Persistence Using Java Data Objects 66 February 26, 2003 Last post by: Robert Hayes