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News Testing with Spring, Guice, JMock, Mockito... How to integrate 3 February 01, 2009 Last post by: Mathieu Carbou
News Article: Programmatic DI with Abstract Factories 18 April 17, 2008 Last post by: guy kaisin
News Revisiting Dogfood – Companies not using their own products 77 April 17, 2008 Last post by: josef betancourt
News Web Beans Early Draft Review available 5 October 23, 2007 Last post by: Gavin King
News Interview with Lars Trieloff: "Open Source does not need a guru" 13 July 18, 2007 Last post by: Mark Kofman
News Since when did the 'P' in POJO come to stand for "Pretend"? 71 July 13, 2007 Last post by: Cameron Purdy
News Top 15 Ant Best Practices 32 December 12, 2006 Last post by: Mark Gaywood