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A 12-factor app principles quiz for cloud-native developers

The 12-factor app principles are a must for those who perform cloud-native development. Try your hand at this 12-factor quiz to test your knowledge on the fundamentals.

There's no standardized way to verify if an application is cloud-native or not. There also isn't a standardized way to tell if a modern enterprise application can be legitimately described as a microservice.

The best we can do in the world of enterprise software design is write applications that comply with the principles set forth in the SaaS development methodology known as the 12-factor app.

In this quiz, test your knowledge of what it means to write cloud-native microservices that comply with the 12-factor app principles.

As a quick review, the following are the 12-factor app principles:

  1. code base
  2. dependencies
  3. config
  4. backing services
  5. build, release, run
  6. processes
  7. port binding
  8. concurrency
  9. disposability
  10. dev/prod parity
  11. logs
  12. admin processes

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