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A tough, 10-question Java garbage collection quiz

Do you know which Java garbage collector is deprecated and which is best for stateless apps? Test your knowledge in this Java GC algorithm and tuning quiz.

One of the reasons developers love Java is that the JVM performs garbage collection (GC) for them.

One of the reasons system admins hate the JVM is the unpredictable nature of Java GC. A Java GC routine can run at any time, which will pause all applications on the JVM and make the server seem unresponsive.

To address the deficiencies of Java GC, a variety of garbage collection algorithms have been created, all of which behave slightly differently. The more developers and sys admins know about Java GC, the less likely they will be to encounter runtime issues with their JVM and the better they’ll do in interviews. And, of course, when those issues arise, a Java developer with a deep knowledge of Java memory management will be able to address such issues quickly.

How well do you know Java memory management? Take this Java garbage collection quiz to find out.

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