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Survey reveals most popular development languages

A new Stack Overflow survey of over 100,000 developers indicated Java and JavaScript are not as popular as they had been before. Find out what developers really want to program with.

Be prepared: Java isn't as secure as you think

Java security best practices include validating input to prevent injection attacks and managing malicious JAR vulnerabilities.

Who's winning the debate between Waterfall and Agile?

Which is the right methodology to use for your project: Waterfall or Agile? The industry may be at peak Agile, as the practicality of Waterfall is winning over more converts.

Automating and remediating cloud compliance and security

Enterprises have been quick to adopt automation tools for development and deployment but only recently have organizations started adopting security and compliance automation tools.

Simple mistakes lead to big app security threats

How hard is it to secure an enterprise application? It's not hard, especially given the fact that most application security vulnerabilities are known threats with simple solutions.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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