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Binary encoding formats promise performance and scale

Find out how developers can achieve significant performance boosts using new binary encoding formats as alternatives to JSON and XML.

Deep learning and AI tech steering domain-driven design

Is the codebase aligned with the enterprise model? Deep learning and other AI technologies are helping to align domain-driven design with the organization's business objectives.

When not to do native mobile app development

Get a comparison of hybrid and JavaScript-native mobile app development tools versus iOS and Android native dev tools in this podcast with developer Jen Looper.

Containerizing microservices means balancing risk with reward

How can you simplify the process of containerizing microservices and moving to the cloud? Testing and validation is the key.

iText PDF tools make the portable document format easy

Struggling with the rendering of PDF files? The iText PDF tool suite might provide the simplicity you need.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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