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How Nike just made DevOps work

Many organizations struggle as they transition to DevOps. But it can be a challenge making DevOps work. Here we look at how Nike applied DevOps principles and made DevOps work for them.

Everything to know about overcoming digital transformation challenges

As organizations adopt new technologies, like blockchain, IoT devices and deep learning, strategies must be developed to address inevitable digital transformation challenges.

Addressing JavaScript performance challenges effectively

Given the complexity of client side user interfaces, along with the often limited processing power of many mobile devices, finding out ways to address JavaScript performance challenges is a priority.

DevOps problems not enough to stifle ongoing adoption

DevOps isn't perfect. There are times when DevOps problems can overwhelm the potential benefits. So, why do some DevOps projects succeed while others fail?

The Java Platform: An albatross around Oracle's neck

Oracle became stewards of the Java platform as a by-product of their acquisition of Sun Microsystems. But looking back, it seems that the Java Platform has been more of a burden than a blessing.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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