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EJB design

Design and architectural questions

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More on EJB design
JQuery Mobile Transition Effect 0 September 16 2014 Last post by: Frank Brown
JTA, JDBC - Totally Confused! 3 August 01 2014 Last post by: Gopi Mudhapati
Custom Software Development India 1 December 07 2013 Last post by: Kevin Louis
Inroduction 0 November 23 2013 Last post by: Robert Parsons
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General J2EE

Discussions on all parts of J2EE (plus related APIs: JMX, JCA, Jini, etc)

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More on General J2EE
URL Encoding & Decoding 0 February 03 2015 Last post by: Java Walker
Java Build Path Problem 0 December 26 2014 Last post by: Hassine ALLAYA
JMS Exception 2 November 18 2014 Last post by: Harikrishnan V
Execute() method is called twice in a struts based application? 17 November 10 2014 Last post by: sandra lambert
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Industry news

Discussions on industry "goings on", hype, rumor, and products

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TSS feedback

Feedback for TheServerSide.com

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More on TSS feedback
Syntax Highlighting 2 September 03 2014 Last post by: Bob Lussier
Redesigning Serverside.com 3 August 25 2014 Last post by: jamal lotfy
Editing postings 0 October 29 2013 Last post by: Emily Jay
Is it possible to download a techtalk as a file? 6 May 22 2013 Last post by: Steve Schmidt