Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: redirecting to specific request after login

  1. We are using Struts 1.0 framework in our application. When a client tries to access a page through the URL he is directed to the login page as he can not perform any operation untill he has logged into the system. Currently once he logs in he gets the welcome page where he can traverse using the menu.

    However the requirement is that if tries to access a page through the URL without login, he should be taken to the specific page once he completes the login procedure. Is there any pattern on methodology to take care of this using Struts 1.0.

  2. Hi,
    we use following method:
    In the login-page we're initialize a specific control-class which is transfer to the session-context after a successful login.
    In the next Action we look for this class (in the perform-Method):

    ControlObject tControlObject = (ControlObject) aSession.getAttribute(Constants.CLASS_CONTROL_OBJECT);
    if (tControlObject == null)
        return "logon";

    "logon" is define in our struts-config.xml and this is our startpage.

    cu bonaly