General J2EE: AUTO LOAD..... escape sequence to load paper automatically.

  1. Hi Friends.

    Can anyone here
    suggest us a way out
    for Printer Adjustment
    for paper tearoff and auto load??

    Previously, we were succesful
    in printing in compressed mode
    by using 15 as the escape-sequence

    // where dataout is a DataOutputStream object

    Can we use something similar
    for paper tearoff and auto load
    specifically for EPSON printer?

    Printer class and the Printable interface
    do have some seemingly useful methods,
    but then, is any sample code available
    for their usage?
  2. I don't know, but this reminds me of a program I wrote back in high school back in the dark ages (~1977) to periodically send escape sequences to the user's terminal that turned it off. Every time he tried to turn it back on, it would turn it back off. Yes we were juvenile. :-)