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    Sometimes i so impressed by someone's clear vision, that i would want to read every thread he or she ever posted on.

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  2. Your wish is our command :)[ Go to top ]

    Dieter -

    This is funny that you posted this message, as I read it just before finishing up the following functionality.

    Basically, whenever you see someones name on the site (e.g. Posted By: Dion Almaer) you will be able to click on that name, and see their threads.

    Try it out.

    Thanks for the feedback,

  3. good job[ Go to top ]

    COOL! Thanks, it works great, cu next month when i'm done reading...
  4. Your wish is our command :)[ Go to top ]

    If not-logged user click on the name to see threads, response is : login screen -- > user own threads. Wish - response : login screen -- > threads of name clicked.
  5. Fixed[ Go to top ]

    Thanks Pranav -

    It is fixed now. It only asks for you to login if you want to look at your own threads (as it has to know who "you" are).


  6. Your wish is our command :)[ Go to top ]

    Kudos for the quick reaction Dion...
    Now how about making the page show all of the user's threads rather than just recent ones? :)

  7. All threads will be added[ Go to top ]

    Yup :)

    Soon that view will become paginated, so you will be able to page through all threads from a given user.

  8. All threads are now there[ Go to top ]

    Hi Gal -

    You will now see that the threads are paginated in the My Threads area (for your own threads, and others).


  9. All threads are now there[ Go to top ]

    Great, thanks.

    My old threads aren't listed, I think it might be due to my switching usernames at some point in the past. Floyd told me he had moved all my old threads to the new username, but can you check to see if there isn't still another "Gal Binyamini" account in your database?