General J2EE: how can i transfer the xml files between different systems?

  1. hello
    the appearance of xml enable the inter-communication between differences systems.but i don't know how,such as following scinario:

    in the client side,we use the console that is written by using c#,if i finish filling the text boxes that are within the console,click the submit button,the console will generate a xml format document.i want the other application that is written by using jsp and servlet and deployed in weblogic server to receive the xml document,then process the document.

    but i don't know how i can transfer the xml files between the two applications that is written in different languages? can i use http protocol?

    thanks for any helps!
  2. Yes, you can use HTTP. I believe the System.Net Namespace in C# has the classes you can use to send XML to your servlet.

    If your Java XML service is a SOAP service, its even easier. You can create a C# client straight from the WSDL for your Java SOAP service. .NET has a tool called wsdl.exe that creates the client code. That way, your C# code is abstracted from the HTTP and XML details.

    Good Luck,