TSS feedback: Help needed locating BEA Weblogic Adminstrator for new project

  1. I'm finding it hard to locate seasoned veterans with BEA Weblogic System Admin (J2EE)experience in the North Virgina area. I have search Monster.com, Hotjobs.com and CareerBuilder.com with no luck. My group is starting to work on a major project, si we need to locate BEA Weblogic technical people as soon as possible!! Please send me any information that could help me locate people with BEA Weblogic senior level skills. Thanks for the support and let me know if I'm posting this message in the wrong area. I just located this portal this evening and have already find the information on the portal very useful. Thanks again...Mike
  2. your email id please
  3. Email address for email replies - dah02@aol.com
  4. Mike,

    Are you looking for full time employees or will consultants do? My company has several senior BEA certified engineers. If you're interested in hiring consultants for a project or long term we may be able to help.