News: AspectJ 1.1.1 and Accompanying Tools Released

  1. AspectJ 1.1.1 and Accompanying Tools Released (6 messages)

    The AspectJ team has released AspectJ version 1.1.1. This release focused on improving the IDE support and fixing any significant compiler bugs. The structure model has been revamped so IDE plugins will show more structure (though not yet in incremental mode), and the performance and scalability has been improved for large projects.

    IDE plugins were also released for Eclipse, NetBeans, and JBuilder, to give support for the latest version of AspectJ.

    AspectJ Home: http://www.eclipse.org/aspectj
    View Changes in AspectJ 1.1.1

    AspectJ Development Tools for Eclipse (AJDT) version 1.1.4

    The Eclipse plugin has been updated to fully support AspectJ 1.1.1, and also includes numerous new features to make it asier for users to work with AspectJ.

    These enhancements include:

    - Editor templates
    - MAC OS X support
    - Enhanced program outline

    AJDT Home: http://eclipse.org/ajdt
    New and Noteworthy

    Other IDE plugins

    JBuilder: http://aspectj4jbuildr.sourceforge.net
    NetBeans: http://aspectj4netbean.sourceforge.net
  2. Ahem...
    Where is exactly the Intellij's plugin :) ?

  3. yup, please tell me, too.

    > Ahem...
    > Where is exactly the Intellij's plugin :) ?
  4. And what about for emacs? :)
  5. http://aspectj4emacs.sourceforge.net/
  6. I thought IDEA in its next version was going to have native support for AOP.

  7. That's correct.
    You can have a preview on the EAP web site of
    IntelliJ : www.intellij.net
    It looks pretty promising ... although it's still
    pretty buggy :-)